Boulachin Chaput according to Vino magazine

Recently, our house Boulachin Chaput was subject to a whole article from the prestigious Belgian magazine Vino.

What is VINO magazine?

Created in 1992, VINOPRES S.A. has been active in various sectors for more than 25 years: Events, Publishing, Trade Shows, Contests and Public Relations.

His general knowledge of the wine and product market is indisputable and articulates around three main areas: the organization of competitions and events, the edition of VINO magazine! 

Launched in 1949under another name, VINO! Magazine has known many lives. It was until 2015 a magazine for wine professionals, sold in bookshops and on bookshop and subscription based.

Since then, VINO! has completely revised its formula. Its circulation has increased fifteen-fold by becoming a consumer magazine with six to eight times a year. Since 2017, has become the first website dedicated to wine in Belgium.

Their views on our field

Established in the region at the beginning of the 19th century, the Boulachin and Chaput families meet in several nearby villages. It is in Arrentières that we go to meet Geoffrey Boulachin. He manages the family cellar with his brother Emmanuel at the vineyard and his parents for the management and deliveries.

“The terroir is different here, we are clearly not in the Marne. Here, the wines resemble the personality of people who have been working in the vineyard for years. We do not have the spirit of luxury and want to make beautiful grapes, rather than beautiful bottles to place only at beautiful addresses. We are much more feet in the land,” he explains.

A former wine and spirits salesman, Geoffrey mainly intends to develop exports, estimating the French market closed. “With 100% Pinot Noir wines, plain crudes and a lower dosage, we need to mix what is atypical with what is sold.”

Then, Boulachin-Chaput is also one of the few to produce Pinot Meunier. Its “2005 vintage” contains the three grape varieties in equal parts. There are only 1,000 bottles. Range imported by “Du vin etc.” in Chaudfontaine and “Planet Vin” in La Louvière.

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